The Choice Between a Law Firm and an Individual Attorney

When you are faced with a personal injury suit, you have two options. To work with an individual attorney or to work with law firms that deal with personal injury. Both choices have their own advantages and demerits. In comparing the two, there are a number of things that you should consider.

Decision making
Working with a single attorney ensures that the decision making process is much faster compared to working with a firm. However, the firm is more likely to come up with a more strategic decision given that they will all pool their experiences and expertise together to enhance decision making.

A law firm is more likely to be more expensive given that different people will be dedicated to your work. However, you should not evaluate the ability of a law firm or an attorney on a fee basis only. The fees should be evaluated with respect to the value received from the work.

A court case can last several months and sometimes years. The chosen attorney should have the resources to use during this time. These resources include employees and financial resources. A law firm is better placed to mobilise more resources compared to most individual attorneys but in some cases the individual may be better placed to mobilise the resources.

Requirements of the case
In simple court cases, it is easier and cheaper to work with an individual as opposed to a firm. However, in cases where the case is high profile or it has several dimensions that complicate the case. The law firm will have several experts who can all concentrate on your case to finish it off quickly.

Other factors
A law firm that deals with personal injury is likely to be specialised specifically on this. This builds up their knowledge and expertise in this area. In addition to this, a reputable firm will have great connections with experts they can work with to solve your case sooner. In addition, sometimes, big law firms may deal with simple cases on a pro bono basis and therefore you end up using up less or not money at all.

The choice between the two options is quite subjective. You should weigh your options well and then make the best choice given your situation.

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